So. You think you're all "escapists" now. 

A new facility opens its doors today, and it's designed with scum like you in mind. Cons, welcome to Camp Epsilon: 

Camp epsilon

Camp Epsilon during breakfast time.

        Epsilon is an open invitation for tower guards to shoot you in the face the very second you take a wrong turn. Your cell has no privacy, made up of mesh fence and no ceiling. You will eat outside. You will exercise outside. You will sleep outside. All under the watchful eye of my ever vigilant staff. 

This, prisoners, is your reward for so brazenly ignoring the rules that society sets you.

Update 8: New Content

  • Camp Epsilon: An open air prison as a special bonus for all The Escapists players - thank you for your continued support! Find it under the CUSTOM tab on the prison selection screen. 
  • Steam Cloud Saving has been added: Your saves will now be accessible wherever you take your Steam account. Existing saves should not be affected, but let us know if there are any issues. 
  • Steam Achievements are now fully implemented. Check the forums for full details.

Update 8 - Bug Fixes

  • Moved the location of save game files to your local "Documents" library (usually C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents) 
  • Mailmen can now place letters ON desks, just like books 
  • The health of vent system "slats" is now saved 
  • Fixed overlapping text on job boards 
  • Fixed overlapping text in missions menu 
  • Fixed a bug causing NPCs to get stick after being pushed off gym equipment in the gym 
  • Stopped the canteen chairs from inserting themselves into prisoners 
  • Added question marks to some mission text? 
  • Comb Shivs will now be detected by contraband sensors 
  • Unassigned desks are now labelled correctly 
  • Fixed an issue with the Prison Takeover popup 
  • Recruiting a buddy whilst they are in bed will no longer result in an incorrect animation on their sprite 
  • Snipers will now cease fire during a successful prison takeover 
  • Sound effects for the unloading job will now obey user-defined volume settings 
  • Fixed a bug that caused sleeping after midnight to skip a day 
  • Fixed a few walls in the Jungle Compound 
  • Starting a new prison immediately after escaping another will no longer result in a instant-win 
  • Added a cap on the number of inmates with favours

That's everything cons. 

The Escapists 1.0 releases on Friday 13th February. Be sure to follow us on @Escapists_Gamefor a ton of launch day awesomeness. 

Until then, I genuinely can't wait to hear your screams of frustration in the forums. Good luck with Camp Epsilon!